Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crochet Cap Experiment

I mentioned in my last post I was going to try to pick up crochet again. I bought some inexpensive variegated yarn and a crochet hook.  I bought colors that my daughter would like so she could have the cap if the cap turned out well.

That's not going to happen. The variegated yarn doesn't look striped at all, like I had envisioned--it looks sort of like zebra or white tiger stripes (daughter would definitely reject an animal print, LOL!) The pattern is stupid busy, especially with the flower I added.

But I remembered my stitches and became fairly proficient, finishing fast. When I realized I would not be giving this cap away, I decided to experiment with the edging. I double-crocheted the last row, then added a scalloped edging that I thought up (I was playing to see if the stitches would come out the way I had hoped--they did!)

In summary, I will crochet more instead of abandoning it. I am pleased that I could follow the pattern, execute it correctly and finish fairly quickly. And at least, it keeps my head warm.

Incidentally, today I plan to finish that Advent calendar I've-been-dreading-getting-back-to.

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