Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick "Lightbox" Tip

a quilt tag I made using this method.
it really looks like Snoopy, doesn't it?
If an image want to copy is no larger than your computer screen, you might not need a real lightbox.
Here's what I do:
  • Google for desired image OR locate your image from another computer source.
  • Copy the image to computer mouse (highlight, left click and copy OR Crtl+A then Ctrl+C)
  • Paste your image into an empty Word doc.
  • Edit and resize your image to the exact way you want to copy it.
  • Gently tape your paper or fabric to the screen  (use masking quick release or similar product.) 
  • Then trace with disappearing markers!


  1. I do that too :) It's hard sometimes but I make do lol... great minds!

    1. Yep! ;) We do what we can, right Katy?