Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ooo, Sparklie!

Hi kids!  Sorry for the absence.  I've been sick and had surgery, but all better now... well, getting close, heh.

I"d hoped to finish a couple of quilts for my two SiLs, but couldn't due to the surgery.  I got the idea to make some winter mobiles instead.

Two years ago, I made one of these for each of my daughters and had intentions of making one for myself.  That's what started this idea.

About two weeks ago, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a gazillion white, silver, glittery or crystal looking ornaments, all at least half price. Unfortunately, I sometimes do stuff like that then end up without enough time to make them or just don't. I was determined this time. I had a HUGE mess out and can still see snippets of ribbon on the rug.

I made four of them but forgot to take a pic of the first one.

For a friend who has children.
It has character ornaments.
The hardest part of making these mobiles is finding a round object for the base.  It's best when  the surface has of the circle has friction to keep the ribbon from sliding and it has to be durable.  I bought plastic 10" embroidery hoops and used only the inner hoop. I wrapped them with ribbon.

Yes, it was time consuming, hard to wrap evenly and tricky to balance the ribbons at the top.  But I have time, remember? And I was pretty proficient by the second one.  When I made them for my girls, I used a small fake evergreen wreath, which gave a nice effect to their colorful ornaments.

This one is fairly simple.
The mobile above is mounted on a snowflake-shaped metal trivet.  I wish I' bought all three that I saw on clearance because it worked great and went faster.  I turned it upside down since you will from the underside.

This one is my fave.  It's super sparklie
and the ornament in the center looks like a tiny chandelier.
Neither pic is great, but click
to see the larger image so you can see the detail better.  
DH (my assistant) suggested this location
but I was afraid it would be lost in the shadows...
and it is sorta, but it made a interesting effect.
It was cropped but not doctored in any other way.
I decided to deliver my nearby  SiL's mobile and one a friend who had called and cancelled plans we had because she was stuck home with sick kids. I thought since they are Christmas or winter decorations that they might like to enjoy them now.  And you don't have to put them away at Christmas because all the ornaments are snow and  are winter decor.

Um... and mine?  I used up too many ornaments and must get a few more.  Gosh, I hope I get to make it this year!


  1. Welcome back Teri!!! So good to see that you found time to create something.

    I LOVE these...I wonder how much they'll clearance their items for...I might have to shop after Christmas. =)

    Merry Christmas and God bless you!

  2. Rosemary here, Dear Teriblossom, I love you I love you I love you