Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Resolutely Resolved...zzzzz!

A bird chirped briefly. She rubbed her eyes and thought, "Wow, that bird sounded really loud and is up early to be winter."  Before she could finish her thought, the sweet voice of an English lady matter-of-factly stated,
"It's seven o'clock." 

Just as the English lass finished her declaration, the first quarter of the Westminster chime sounded in a rather digitized, pixelated, computerficated tone.

As she drifted in and out of sleep, she heard the odd Westminster chime once more.  Then, just as she dozed into a light sleep, there went the bird and the lass, who now noted, "It's seven thirty."

Like it or not, she was awake.  She was sure this was not a real Englishwoman because she most likely would have said, "It's half past seven"!

Later that day, she told him, "I heard a bird, and English lady and the Westminster chimes announcing each quarter hour beginning at 7am this morning.  Did you?"

"Oh, yea!  No, I didn't hear it but that's my new app!" he proclaimed excitedly.  She grimaced.  Was this app number six thousand and twenty-one... or two?

"And why did it go off at 7am if you never get up that early?"  He works from home.  His commute is quite short.

"I need to start getting up earlier."  She laughed on the inside as he left the room.  For the quarter of a century she had known, she had heard him say this or something similar.  Before a new year ever arrived and nearly with each change of the seasons, he made this resolution.

Often, the other three family members laughed aloud as he promised, "Tomorrow we are going to get up really early."  He proceeded to announce some activity they would do or place that they would go... in his dreams!

The house was quiet until once again, the bird-voice-chimes scenario played out.  She opened one eye.  It was so early to have stayed up so late to watch the ball drop in Time Square!

"If you always sleep past it, why does the app start at seven???" she snapped jokingly.

"I need to start getting up earlier," he muttered and rolled over, eyes closed all the while.

As she typed the last words of her blog, she heard the deep heaves of his breath as he snorted a bit; mouth open, head on pillow, covers tucked under arms, hands clasped together.  Perhaps she would start the coffee.

She'd bet money that he would smell coffee brewing, roll over, then reach for his glasses, so he could see the clock.

BINGO!  In a fog he proclaimed that it was sorry because it was twenty-five minutes later than he'd told her they would go out and about on New Years Day.

She hit enter, checked her Flickr site and email once more, closed the laptop and rose to her feet.

A bird chirped.
"It's nine thirty..."

Blessings for the new year to you and yours!
May old acquaintances n'er be forgot...


  1. Great post! That is one of the blessings of being single... only I decide what time noises startle me awake LOL

    1. Katy, there's certainly something to be said for sleeping single, LOL!

      FUNNY & TRUE: Rich Mullins, who was single all his life, once said, "The only thing I miss by being single is that lonely feeling about 10pm every night... then I realized that most married people were lonely at that time too."

      I'll FM you more on the married/single subject! ;)

  2. Happy New Year dear TeriBlossom. I love you more than cookies