Sunday, July 29, 2012

Win, win

Egads, I am the worst blogger lately!  I guess I am otherwise occupied.  I'll try to do better, but no promises.

I won a contest!  Katy had a giveaway on her blog for the Zakka Style book and I won it!  I have almost bought that book a couple of times, so that was great.

The other "win" is my new love, hehe!  El, a gal on Flicker posted this bag and I was smitten:

I first tried liberated quilting making a needlebook (secret for a swap so I can't post a pic.)  The next thing I knew, I was making a bag!  This  method is so much scrappy fun and the quilted fabric you make as you go feels so good as you make it.  Be careful if you get started because it's addictive.  
I love the green where it says "French Country"
as I love the Country French style.
The red retro lady rocks too
Back of the bag.  Love the "Show & Sell New York"
I am learning how to make detachable straps, so I practice here.
This is a cross-body bag so this will make putting on and off easy.
Inside the bag (looks kinda like a big mouth, LOL!)
There's a smart phone  pocket, a large zippered pocket
and for closing, I sewed on large, old-timey snap
(magnetic was too strong for this.)
It's a bucket bag, so it has an oval set in bottom.
I added some fun printed fabric just cos I could.  
It's Japanese fabric by Suzuko Koseki.