Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sewing kits and the Tardis

Since learning about the quilt as you go method I showed in the last blog, I want to make something using that technique any time I get the chance.   Little projects are great for it.

Here are a some sewing kits I have put together:

This was the prototype
The closure is a bit tricky because it's tight,
but I love the lil star button.
I experimented with different kinds of small pockets: ones with flap closures as well as tucks to make the pocket expand to hold dimensional items.
I also made a small beaded clip
Though decorative, the clip has several purposes:
  • It identifies your scissors easily.
  • It helps you locate your scissors easily
  • When you clip it to the sewing book, it keeps them in place as you carry the kit.
  • It's just cute.
Here is the second sewing kit I made for my daughter:
"M" is for Meredith

Meredith doesn't have a sewing machine or many sewing items,
so I tried to pack this kit full to make it useful.
Next, I decided to do a fun project.  My hubby is a Dr. Who freak.  He loves everything about that show.  This gave me the idea to make a novelty sewing kit shaped like a Tardis (that's Dr. Who's time transport device, for you sci-fi resistant peeps... like me ;)
The details of this sewing kit are similar to the other two,
but the exterior details are unique to the Tardis...
...and London's police boxes
It looks truly 3D from this angle, eh?
I was so excited when I remembered that I had some fabric
that had the map of the London subway system,
which is lovingly called "the Tube."
FYI, I have riden on the Tube and for many reasons, it is THE best subway system in the world.  Oh sorry, I forgot we were talking sewing kits and headed off to London.  But aren't these kits fun?


  1. While these are all WONDERFUL, I have to admit that I am a huge DOCTOR fan, and therefore have declared the TARDIS sewing kit to be the best in all the universes.

  2. Haha! Thanks, Jana! That's funny. I'll have to tell DH!

  3. Love all of these but the Tardis one is just so clever and cute! You do the best work, Teri! Fun little projects are sometimes the most rewarding, IMO. Great kits, just great.

  4. Oh my goodness - seriously... I'm in LOVE with the Doctor Who one!

  5. What wonderful Sewing kits! I have recently discovered Dr Who! I have always been a SciFi Fan! You did a wonderful job....
    Last night my husband wondered into my sewing room while I was watching the episode "The Flesh" on my Nook. I think he is a convert! After watching 61 episodes I am hooked. I would love to make a Tardis cover for a notebook, like a journal cover. I think that would look neat as well.

    Aileen from Florida

  6. Your kits are just so awesome! How I wish I have those amazing hands of yours so I can make one beautifully. I also love the Dr. Who kit! Thanks for this!