Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iCad, Tangling and Rabbit Trails

Welcome back, Teri! :P  I wasn't feeling well about the time of the last post... it was all easily resolved... in a rather complex way... but I am feeling much better now.  It's two old  maladies reacquainting themselves with me.  I'd hoped the vertigo had left me for life, but at least it's not being so mean anymore.

All that to say, I haven't felt much like sewing.  Since I sew most days, I thought I was to suffer from withdrawal!  Fortunately, I could sit still and draw.  I started with the daily index cards, which I have been pretty religious about doing because it's rather relaxing and defrays stress.  Here are a few of my faves so far:
torn paper, markers, distress ink and glitter
a tapestry drawn with micron and copic markers
the prompt for this one was "don't forget the corners" in your composition
streampunk loggerhead baby, armed for survival in the big blue sea,
colored pencils and markers
visual journal of a road trip, colored pencils and markers
at the beach, colored pencils and markers
i really liked this movie!  here's my small advert
(spoiler sorta: i think it's a 21st century version of Romeo & Juliet sans the tragic ending)
again, it's colored pencils and pens
And then I remembered "tangling" with zentangles. I'm tangling again and I can't stop (I think that's because I am always amazed by how fascinating they turn out (all you do is follow the visual instructions to draw each design)
mookah, named for artist Alphonse Mucha, who drew similar swirlies
doesn't it look 3-d?
i like how the colors contrast with the black and white
a freaky sea creature
Can you tell I am having too much fun. Must. start. sewing. again!

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  1. These are superb great and wonderful little index cardie pictures! Do you keep them in a file boxie?
    Yay, Teri I love you so much

    bonks and hugs