Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sew Out Loud - Heirloom

I got excited when I saw the block for this week's Sew Out Loud Quilt Along.  It looked like something I could put together fairly easily.  Some of the other block designs are complex and I want to try them, but they take a lot of concentration.  This one didn't look like it needed so much.
Block 10-Heirloom designed by Melinda 
I added a sashing because all of the bias edges
were stretching and making me anxious
This was fun to piece, but a little more trying than I had anticipated--the odd shapes didn't always want to light up and they weren't giving like they do sometimes.  Most of my intersections match. And I wasn't sure if  the design called for the word "Heirloom" to be on the block, but I liked it there.  I found a nice font to copy and stitched a little metallic thread into the needle.

I used fabrics that I had already used in other blocks or plan to use.  I remembered I had a white tone-on-tone Kanji print, so I used that for the block background (they are Japanese words, after all!)  The gray plaid that is the binding is a Japanese fabric also.  There's a little theme going there with the snippets of Suzuko Koseki fabrics.

This is the fifth block I've worked on in this series (one is only partially finished) so there are half again as many to make.  Not sure I will make all of them, but here are pics of the ones I have completed.
Block 1-I had this McCall's fabric for years and was excited
to find a project where it worked so well! This block is by Julianna
Block 3-Muriel designed this block. I think it is great
that it is modeled after the kiosk where she
buys fabric at her home, Leiden in the Netherlands.
Block 5 is the partial one.
OMG, I am so pleased with this dress!
 After unsewing until I was 1/4 inch from insanity,
I finally got it right... not perfect, but dang close!
 This is part of the "Design Studio" block by Charise 
Block 6-Vintage Notions.
 I like the end result fairly well,  but the process, oh mylanta!
"No. 58-A12" landed serendipitously where it is.
The "mend and make do" was placed purposefully. This design is by Kerry
If you are interested in making any of these paper-pieced blocks with words and text fabrics, click here!

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