Thursday, April 19, 2012

SOL Block Design Contest

 I don't remember how I found the group, but I'm in love the Flickr Sew Out Loud quilt along.  Every week, I'm so excited to see the challenge of their paper-pieced  blocks.

In the group discussion, I noticed there was a contest.  One lucky person was going to win a whole pack of goodies!  This motivated me to try my skills at creating a paper-pieced block.  

My first idea seemed like a good one, until one of the QAL designers had a similar idea.  Now, I wonder if the judges will think that idea is original.  I was working on it a full week before the other was posted (if I have time, I might make it to enter anyways--you can enter as often as you like.)

What would be a good sewing/quilting theme?  I kept looking around, searching for inspiration and thinking about ideas.  I started  drawing and came up with the group of people around the table, a quilting bee!

I should make the people diverse--quilters crossing the boundaries of age, ethnicity and gender!  The four 6" blocks that make up the 12" block are quilters set on point so that the quilters appear gathered around the central quilt.

I wrestled with whether or not the idea would work.   The design layout might cause the outer edges to be the fabric bias.  I moved things around to fix it.  Though I didn't like the new arrangement, it precipitated a solution!

While working out the kinks, I got excited when I thought of a better title than.  What about "Just Bee" as a play on words?  I had already sewn the center quilt with a fabric with tiny bees.  This title was destined to bee. ;)


  1. Brilliant design! Good luck in the contest! You have my vote.

  2. What a super design! I love the text fabrics for the different skin tones and the all round wit of the block!

  3. OK - this is awesome. I love it. The way you organized it so they look as though they are looking at each other is brilliant:) Use of fabric: most excellent!

  4. I love love love your design! It's absolutely gorgeous, the idea is pure genius plus your fabric choices are awesome.

  5. Your block is SPECTACULAR!!!!! You've made a beautiful block that I can't even imagine putting together a pattern got my vote too!

  6. Beautiful! You should pattern it. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.