Friday, March 30, 2012

A Funny

I am a part of a Flickr quilt block swap called Scrapbusters.  You use your scraps and project leftovers to put together true scrap quilts (as opposed to those where specific fabric is purchased to achieve a scrappy looks.)  Here are some of the blocks I made:
(personally, I thought they were really ugly, lol!)
I made 30 blocks to share (16" blocks cut into 4-8" parts) so I was to receive 30 different ones back from the other participants.  I get focused on the 'making' or my part and forget that there will be a return prize.

This is the first I have participated in this kind of swap where I was to receive more than one block at a time.  When I got the mail and there were 30 (THIRTY!) blocks in it, I couldn't wait to see what they looked like together.

I posted them on my design board.  As with most scrap patchwork, some of the individual parts were just plain ol' ugly, but together they are lovely! (suppose there are any metaphors for life there?)

I put the blocks on point.  The layout I chose didn't require a lot of thought of how to place then when piecing.  So, I grabbed up a row and started sewing.  By the evening, I was almost finished piecing!  As I sewed, I started thinking about how I would quilt the piece.  I decided not to make a true quilt, but one I could make quickly and easily by myself.  I would put a backing on it, stitch it together a little and use it for a picnic tablecloth.

By the time 24 hours had passed since receiving them, the blocks were transformed into a tablecloth and it was finished!
i thought it looked like a kite or many kites
while positioning the quilt, i noted how it looked a little like
stained glass from the back so i took that pic too
Here's the funny part: I thought I had gotten a nice shot of the quilt blowing in the wind, but somehow other photographers on Flickr did too.  Late last night, they started leaving nice comments about the picture.  I got invited to add my pic to a group called "The Gallery of Fin Art and Images."  This morning when I got up, there were notes saying, "Congrats on Explore!"

Whu?  One commenter was kind enough to include a link to this "Explore."  Apparently it's some recognition forum for photographers.  My serendipitously crisp shot from my $100 craptastic Kodak One Shot has gone viral, bahahaha!  Not really, but you get the gist. 

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  1. I love this quilt. All the fabrics look so good together, as though 1 person had chosen them.