Sunday, April 01, 2012

Hounds Tooth Style Pinwheel

Quilt Block Tutorial
I made this block for the NuBees block swap and two people have asked how to I made it.  I just made up the pattern. Therefore, I give you a tutorial.

You could make this block using all HST's, but I think this method is a little less trouble.
1. I used 4 colors, all with the same background.
2. For each block, cut:
       (4) 3.5" background squares (16 total)
       (2) 6.5" x 3.5" of 4 different colors (8 total)
3. Draw a diagonal line corner-to-corner on the back of all of the background squares.  This is your sewing line.
4. Chain sew all of the squares to a rectangle on the right; press' chain sew all of the squares on the left side of the rectangle.
FYI, the construction method is just like sewing flying geese, but you sew the diagonal on opposing corners, not side by side.
IMPORTANT: Take care to sew all of your rectangles with the same corners! (otherwise--like when you are making pinwheels--you will have same colors together instead of your desired pattern.
5. With your rotary cutter and ruler, trim the excess triangles from rectangle corners to 1/4" and press (I pressed open.)
6. Sew the four matching pairs together.
NOTE: For matching seams/points, when you are lining up your pairs of rectangles to sew together, take a pin and stick through the spot where the two pieces have seams. Use the pin to line them up perfectly. Add a second pin to hold the two together and remove the first pin.
7. Lay out the for square patches, turning each a qarter-turn.
8. Sew two squares together, then sew the two sets together.  All done!
four variations of this design

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