Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost Advent
Part 2 - Cutting and Applique

In my last blog episode, I had started the Advent Calendar for my mother-in-law.  Here's my progress:

The stripe fabric across the bottom was the
inspiration for the other fabric selections.
It will be the binding to tie the other colors together.

I have the background and liner fabrics fused together.
I've cut all of the pieces cut.
I am ready to go to the machine to applique. 

This is straight stitch applique so the edges might fray a tiny bit.  
(my machine is a vintage Singer 221 Featherweight--don't hate)

Someone in the group noted that the curves are hard to sew straight.  
Yes, it can be difficult!  I sew super slow, guiding each stitch of the fabric with my left hand.  

Sometimes when the curve is tight, I manually 
 turn the hand wheel and don't engage the presser foot peddle at all!

TIPS: 1- Always put your needle in the down position when you are adjusting the fabric in a curve.  
2- If you go out of line a bit, don't over-correct by moving your needle.  Just slowly stitch back to your goal spot.  Moving the needle will make an ugly noticeable "Z" in your stitch line.
2- Also remember,  your stitching boo-boo's are like zits on your face: they seem much larger and worse to YOU than anyone else. ;)

Sometimes, the stitch are still a bit wonky!  I am glad there were only 4 on these tiny blue leaves cos I was making a mess of them.  "Finished is better than perfect!" goes the adage.

As long as I am using the same color thread, 
I don't clip it from sewing one leaf to another. 

My favorite thing so far is the partridge.  The original bird looks like a cardinal with a flag on it's head.  I googled "partridge pear tree" and came up with this design.  I added my own designs and colors.  I really like it!  

Next, I sewed on ALL 25 buttons.  
Well, 26 in my case because I stacked two in the center.
I also stitched around each place that will be an opening to make it more stable 
(as the instructions suggested.)

The final steps are on to the cutting of the pears and leaves to put daily pictures or words in them.  I'm kinda of dreading this part because the leaves are so close together.  I also need to study Part 3 and 4 of the instructions because they seem kinda muddy right now.  I'll be back then!

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