Sunday, May 01, 2011

Abstract Attraction

I've been creating with paint instead of fabric.  Last Monday, after our WW's meeting, Meredith and I went shopping for bit.  She wanted to go to TJMaxx to look at home goods. 
"You think this would look good on the wall in my stairwell?" she asked.  There was an abstract painting she really liked. 

"We can do that!"  I remarked.  I told her that I had some large canvases I has just bought (they are 2'x3' stretched canvases at ACMoore, regularly $40, now only $10--get 'em while they are hot!)  I asked her if she wanted on to paint the picture.  She said that I could give it a try.

I went on Tuesday to Hobby Lobby and bought some acrylic paints--an early birthday/Mother's Day present from Byron.  I've never painted with acrylic paint before and never painted an abstract painting, but I thought I could pull it off.  We would see.

Byron was out of town all last week.  On Wednesday, I laid out the picture and got started.  I've painted watercolor before, but acrylic paint is quite a different medium.  It mixes differently and the colors aren't always true (not with student grade paints, anyway.) 
Written in red, is Hebrew for "love"
I learned a lot!  First, I was reminded that a little bit of black or red goes a long way and will easily take over your mixed paint.  Then, I learned how to paint with a modeling medium so that you can build up layers of texture.  After a lot trial and error, I started to catch on.  I'd never painted with a palette knife, but I learned I love it! 

I was fortunate for a novice.  Many of my experiments with the paint were successful and I applied them generously.  There were lots of "happy accidents," as Bob Ross calls them.     
By Friday, the painting was finished.  I had painted like a fiend for two days. On Friday, I just had to make some small corrections and put on last touches and it was "finis!"  The painting is far from perfect, but Meredith and I are content with the results.

Saturday, I sprayed it with a varnish but I still have to add mounting hardware (we used 3M Command Strips.)  I have to put my adventures on hold while I get some other things accomplished but I can't wait to try my acrylic painting skillz again!

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