Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Werx in Progress: Tokyo Subway Quilt (Part 1)

I picked up the TSQ again yesterday.  I was low on white squares.  I cut white squares as I go/sew, but I've already cut all of the colored squares (probably way too many, lol!)

I cut a two-inch tall stack of white squares, but I am certain its not all I'll have to cut.  
This quilt has 1600 2-inch squares, 691 of which are white.
(yes, you read that right!)
After (mostly measuring precisely and cutting those 2-inch squares, I laid out Block 8. 
Eight rows of eight squares equals 64 2-inch squares... per block! 
I took each block in Column 1 and paired with its corresponding block in Column 2, then chain-stitched sew all together, for 32 pairs of squares.
Most of the time when I sew squares, I press one row to the left and the next to the right so that when you sew them, you butt them together and they "nest." TSQ instructions say to press ALL seams OPEN. I thought this would be a challenge to make seams meet. Amazingly, I can feel the seams "nest," exactly like my old method!  They match fairly easily, pretty close to perfectly. 
And in the Tokyo Subway Quilt, it's essential that all of the seams match.
Therein lies the charm of this quilt!
After chain-stitching each columns, I go back and sew the two blocks in Row 1 with the blocks two blocks in Row 2, making lots of four-patches--a total of 16 of them.  
At this point in construction, I always get excited and can't wait to see the finished block.  I usually sew the first two columns of four-patches, then piece them together and press them.
Blocks 1-3 and 6-8.  The new block is at the bottom right.
Lest I sound too proud, can I just say
I am completely surprised at how well I have been able to match the seams?? =O
When I first started, I just kept saying, "Look at this!  Look how well these seams are matched!
FYI, the finished quilt is 60"x60" has five rows of five blocks. 

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  1. Oh what I would give to have as much time as you to work on projects! But I guess you've put in your time, huh? and I'm just getting started! The subway quilt looks great so far!