Monday, April 25, 2011

Swap It!

I just recently learned about Quilting Bee Blocks.  The site has a list of many of the virtual online quilting bees where people swap quilt blocks and other things. 

I was pleased to read that I had done most of the things that were suggested.  I confess, I had a good source to copy the infomation for starting a quilt bee, following the guidelines of an established swap.

The Quilting Bee Blocks has a group has a Flickr Pool.  Also, there's a section called Quilting Bees 101 for those who are starting or have started an online Quilt Bee.

These are the bees I currently belong to:
Blockheadz is the little one I started.  ALFALC starts next month and Hoop Up! is in the fall, I believe.  At ALDALC they *spoil* each other with goodies!  I can't wait until those two get started and I hope I get an international partner.  It looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Also, I am planning a small quilt to make for Part 3 of Project Modern, which just started.  The challenge is to make a modern quilt with the one word theme, "Organic."  Stay tuned to see how it goes!  Click the icon if you too want to participate or want to know more details.

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  1. I love reading your blog!!! You do the best handwork and I said it first YEARS ago!!! I am enjoying your creativity and productions and would love to see your design room in person one day! Love-