Sunday, July 10, 2011

UFO no mo'

On Friday, I was unearthing some UFO's that were packed up since before the move to my new studio. I found a pile of snowball quilt blocks and squares leftover from a quilt top I made a few years back. Amazingly, in just three days, I pieced and quilted them.
There's no fancy quilting, simply stitch-in-the-ditch with my faithly little Singer 220 Featherweight.
While layering for quilting, I had a snipping error that left a dime-sized hole on the front.  No worries!  I used this batik frog to cover it.
This quilt will be used as a picnic quilt. From other remnants, I made a bag to store and carry it in.

thanks for your comments =)

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  1. I LOVE that first one!!! seriously love it. :) i miss you. i love you!