Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tractors, travel trailers, trucks and trains!
Hitting highlights:
  • 4th Fun and Byron's birthday: baseball game, rain delay until 9p, firewerx after game and after midnite, home around 1a.
  • Took all day to recoup yesterday, lol!
  • I have SO much to do... pulled out UFO's yesterday
  • Finished a UFO baby quilt top (not perfect, but done)
  • Granddaddy's 'transportation' quilt top is 2 seams from done!
  • Also finished the baby painting.
  • I'll get to use Kim's longarm AGAIN in August (I might get good at this!)
  • Drawing and learning Zentangles like a fiend.  I am smitten again! (blog about them is next.) 
    Slumbering August
  • Need new Sakura markers for Zentangles.
  • New partner for ALFALC is Megan.  What a fun swap, I can't wait to get started putting things together!
  • Found this fab tutorial from Megan: Toiletry Bag made w/ oilcloth
  • BlockheadZ is going along smoothly.  Let me know if you'd like to join us in the fall!
  • Off to finish Blockheadz blocks for Anita and Jenny.
  • OMG, Jeffrey is getting married... on Thursday (I've know him since he was 6 y-o.  Doesn't seem possible for him to be a married man!)
ZENTANGLES!  These designs are formed by "mookas"

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  1. You painted that baby?!?! You are one good painter - love it. Who is the baby?

    I want to join up with Blockheadz in the fall! Any type of block, right?? Whatever I can dream up? Give directions to the other members?