Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fancy Folded Fat Quarters
A Tutorial

This origami-like presentation is nice for gifting FQ's.  I first saw this method online, but the video rarely loads.  So I  made a photo tutorial.  My husband tested this tute and made it through.  Hope it's fun for you!

All you need is a fat quarter or rectangular piece of fabric of nearly the same dimensions (18" x 22".)  Before you start folding, press your fabric for easy handling. 

TIP: the more even and squarer your folds are, the prettier your finished FQ will be!

1. Place  your fabric WRONG side up with the selvage to the RIGHT side.
2. Fold the TOP LEFT corner down diagonally to meet the BOTTOM edge.  Fold the extra selvage over; tuck the top right in so the FQ makes a triangle.
Your corner should look like this.
If you'd rather, you can tuck the selvage edge under, inside the triangle edge.
3. Take the TOP RIGHT triangle point and fold it down to match BOTTOM RIGHT corner.  Finger press the edges.
4. Fold the BOTTOM LEFT to the right, forming a square.  Finger press.
Here's what your square should look like.
Note that the raw edges are at the bottom.

5. Hold the BOTTOM edges (with both hands), then flip the square up and over.  
The raw edge is now at the TOP.
6. Holding the TOP edges (with both hands), fold the TOP HALF over, to the bottom edge.  The raw edge should lay evenly across the bottom.  Finger press.
7. Fold the LEFT edge over all the way over to the RIGHT edge of the rectangle, forming a square.  Finger press.
Your square should look like this: two even sections
with a "valley fold" diagonally down the middle.
8. Next you will be folding OUT and UP from that center diagonal fold.  Place both thumbs in the center "pocket" and flip the corner INSIDE OUT.

9. Repeat Step #8 for the second corner.
10. Finger press, smoothing, the corners and edges out.  Lightly press the square with an iron to make it look tidier.
VOILA! You're finished!


  1. I've left mine (that I haven't used) from you in the pretty fold, it makes me think of you every time I look up at my stash! And I think it's really cute to think of your hubby folding FQ's :)

  2. Aw, June you are sentimental and sweet! :D

  3. Thanks for your tutorial. I bought a few fat quarters from a shop in Worthing, UK and the fabric were folded this way. It had been bugging me until I Googled which came up with your site. Had a practice and it works!

    1. Alright, Sue! Glad you found this and it works for you. Thanks so much for letting me know!

    2. Ha Ha - I was at that very same shop Sue and came here via Google too (pinterest)! Thanks for the tutorial Teri.