Thursday, June 16, 2011

WiP Wednesday

By late afternoon, it was finished!  Today, I spent several hours at Kim's house getting quite acquainted with her huge Gammill longarm quilting machine.  Last week, I quilted Micah's toddler quilt, but this was my first adventure with a full-sized quilt. 

The deadline for entry is approaching.  I've not been certain I was going to make it, but today was a super shot-in-the-arm of encouragement.  Kim coached me getting the machine loaded: top on, batting in and bottom sandwiched (I have a much to learn to master that process!)  
(sorry for this unremarkable photo)
 I chose to use an all-over pantograph design to quilt my entry for the Modern Quilt Challenge.  In sticking with my theme, I hoped Kim had a motif that looked similar to a cotton blossom, but alas, as far we know nonesuch exists.

After about four hours of steady work, the top was completely quilted.  Wow!  I was having 'one of those' day had only hoped to get it loaded.  I wasn't sure I'd get around to quilting at all.  It' far from perfect, but as they say, "finished is better than perfect."  And for my first effort, I am pleased with nbsp; my accomplishment.
unquilted quilt back

100% cotton

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  1. Good job! And the quilting looks fantastic - lovely pattern :) You'll show us the finished when it's done right? I'm about to get on board with taking a free motion class...