Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WiP: Portable Project

Well, all of my free time is currently being spent basting and piecing hexies.  I knew it would be like this and I am certain the new will wear off soon and progress will be less consuming and productive (I still have those charity baby quilts to finish.)

I've gotten my stitching rhythm back and can baste a hexie in less than a minute.  I cut out several hexagons at a time, then stitching several at a time. 

For my 3/4" hexagons, I cut a strip 2 1/4" wide WOF.  That gives me enough    hexies for the eight inner pieces and almost enough to finish the 16 outer pieces (which would make part of two different "flower" sections.) 
The hexagons are suppose to have 1/4 inch to turn back for basting.  I cut mine from squares sized roughly 2 1/4"x2 1/4".  I willy-nilly snip off the corners and allow myself at least 3/8 inch edge for turning under.  See how the shape is kind of wonky?  Works just fine as long as it's more than 1/4 inch.

Yesterday, I thought I was having trouble with blood clots (again!)  I ended up spending most of the day in the ER waiting for a Doppler ultrasound.  Having done this before, we knew we'd be there for hours.  We packed water bottles, snacks and something to occupy the time. 
Let me back up a bit.  For my birthday last week, Byron got me a Marie Osmond craft tote.  If you are a gadget person, it's THE best!  It has everything except for a place to sleep.

On the outside, there are 12 medium-sized pockets, 1 large pocket and 3 divided sections in the middle.  My hexie supplies and personal items fit in there perfectly.
Hazy Blackberry pictures
While I waited in the lobby, I basted hexagons.  While I waited in the ER hospital bed, I basted and pieced hexagons.
How long did we spend in the ER?  I joked that it was 'one hexagon flower worth.'  I basted and pieced this puppy.

Since I've been basting in the evening for a few nights, here is what I have sewed up so far.

3 finishes 'flowers,' 2 unfinished inner flowers and some wild hexies
Those gray ones in the forefront are what I will use to separate and surround
all of the diamond shapes
 The blood clots?  Oh, yea!  The results don't show anything new, so that part is good.

 Okay, you are updated.... and I am back to basting, bye-bye!


  1. OMG! that's so cool!!!!!! i love it

  2. I hope you are feeling good Missie Teri and that you do not have to go to the ER for a long time, maybe never again

  3. Hospital! Oh no... hope you're feeling much better now, and it looks like you got a lot done while you were there. Way to be productive :)