Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quick Update

Over the weekend, Byron and I went on a day trip to Raleigh.  First we visited the NC Museum of Art.  It's been completely revamped since we were there last.  If you haven't been, the new display area is amazing!  You won't believe how light, pretty and airy it is.  There are also several fairly new permanent exhibits.
Silly Byron appearing to swing on
the 30ft. tall stainless steel tree at the museum
We also visited The Durham Arts Council Art Quilt Show.  In between stops, I popped into Thimble Pleasures.  What an incredible quilt shop--lots of modern fabrics, as well as super, trendy staples.  I'll be returning when I have more time and money.
It was a fun day.  We always enjoy our state capitol.  I took lots of pictures and will post more them as soon as I get them ready to upload. 

"A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate" Swap will  be finishing up for the month of May soon. I'm working on one last thing for my partner, June.  She got excited to give mine, so she put it in the mail already, LOL!  I am also excited to get it!
Sneak Preview of June's ALFALC Package =]
I just got notification that the Mug Rug Swap Adventure has begun.  FYI, a mug rug is sort of like a coaster, but it's quilted, rectagular having enough room for a snack as well as beverage.  Swap partners are secret, so don't tell! ;)  I started working on the project today.  If you want to know more about the swap, you can look at the photo album for the group here.

My WiPs: I am working on getting BlockheadZ orange blocks made for Lara and putting my packets together to mail May 27 for my part in the swap.  Also still embroidering... and handsewing hexies.

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  1. Well I figured since this was the 4th time I came by to admire my sneek peek I ought to leave a comment! Hee hee this swap thing is too much fun.