Monday, May 09, 2011

Productx and Landmark

These seem like useful products that I have recently come across on the interweb.  I'm looking into getting a couple of them, but as of this point, I do not (yet) own any of them.:

Photo Fabric
To me, this product is be particularly useful for art quilts.  You can transfer images like vintage botanical drawings or lettering to incorporate into your quilts.  There are products like this that come in pages, but this roll allows you to cut as much as you need, so there is less waste.  The Blumenthal brand comes highly recommended.  Note: this product is for inkjet printers, not laser printers.

This product is another you run through your inkjet printer, but it's a dissolvable product. It's an alternative to transferring a design.  You can print an embroidery design with it, the put that on your fabric and stitch away.  When you are finished, you wet it to dissolve away the design.  FYI, if you follow the link, you can purchase for $15 from a small, cottage industry (and Andrea reviews the product too.)  If you don't care and want it a little cheaper at $13.24, go here.

Morgan "No Slip" Embroidery Hoops
I am pretty excited about trying these.  I hate it when the hoop pops off or the fabric gets limp in the hoop.  The owner of website linked here is quite the stitcher.  It is she who recommends this type of hoop.

Triple Duty Seam Allowance Guide
This is especially useful for paper-piecing or mini-blocks or quilts (doll quilts.)  It has a 3/8" measurement for these small works.  FYI, George Siciliano designed this tool and his site is the only place I have seen it sold.

One thing more...
Twenty-four years ago today, we said, "I do."
Happy Anniversary, Byron! I love you

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