Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've been checking out some of the photo pools and project swaps posted at Flickr.  Did you know they run groups there?  I just found that out right before I started one. 

Some of my favorites I have found are embroidery groups.  Here are three of my favs:
I was surprised by the number of people hand stitching stuff at these places.  Stitched by Hand has over 2,000 members and Embroidery has an unbelievable 6,298 members! 

I've also applied to a tea towel swap group called Tea Towel Tours.  The way that works is a group of people take turns sending a tea towel to the other members to have each one embroider a spot with a specific theme in mind. 

I met the artist of my latest project in the Embroidery group:

Spider Queen aka Delilah

The design is "Spider Queen" by Andrea Zuill.  I named her Delilah.  I did her face with only one thread to get the fine detail (she's about 5 inches across.)  I think I am going to frame her in a hoop and give it to my daughter. 

I thought of adding some words.  Remember this from the childhood poem? "Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly."

A funny thing happened while I was stitching Spider Queen.  Are you old enough to remember the movie "A Star is Born"?  Do you remember the song "Queen Bee" by Barbra Streisand?   It got stuck in my head while I was stitching, LOL!

The song has some great lines about black widows:

     "You think you're the same cos you go the same name,
       but the widow has a mobile home! 
       Remember what I told you, she's got eight arms to hold you
       and she's never gonna let you roam!"

     "She'll put you to bed, truck on your head
       and wrap you as a midnight snack. 
       So if you see a spider, don't you sidle up beside her! 
       Why'd you think the widow's wearing black, Jack?"

That last part kept going over in my mind again and again!  Another funny part of the story: I saw this movie with friends while I was at college in Greensboro.  We went to the Carolina Circle Mall Theatre.... where high school Byron was working at the time.  Small world!

Queen Bee by Barbra Streisand

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