Friday, April 15, 2011

Jelly Shots

Yesterday, I was watching Disney's Oceans on NetFlix.  The narration is ordinary and lulling, but the photography is spectacular!  I've watched a lot of Nat Geo and Discovery Channel nature videos and this is unequivocally the best underwater videography I have ever seen. 

These jellyfish shots... simply amazing!  There were hundreds, maybe thousands of lemony gold jellyfish, their tendrils trailing behind like crepe paper in aquamarine brilliance.  What a great painting this would make!  Or maybe an art quilt! 

"How can we get a picture of them???" I wondered aloud.

Byron replied, "How about just take a picture of the television screen?"


It took one person to operate the TV remote and the other to take as many photos as possible with our cheap, clunky Kodak camera.
To our amazement, several pictures came out pretty decent for such a ridiculous method!
Byron suggested just letting the show run with the sound off, like an ever-changing screensaver, LOL!  If you click the link above you will get a glimpse of the fabulousness.

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