Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Of Bees and Meregirls

Our Blockheadz Bee quilt block swap is in full swing!  This is the first time I have ever organized anything like this.  Of late, I've been occasionally consumed with the details of running an online block swap.  I am pretty good at organizing things, so running a bee never intimidated me (maybe it should have a bit more, LOL!)
Just when I think there is going to be an issue, OUT comes a good solution.  I confess, for one second, I panicked.  "What if we have to mail stuff again?? What was I thinking??" 
Our first gal sent out her fabric.  As it turns out, we are just shy of having enough of one color fabric.  In creative endeavors, that's just an opportunity for imagination and creativity to kick in, right? 

Another gal came up with the simple solution of adding another fabric.  DUH!  This *is* patchwork.  You don't get any closer to the original meaning of the craft than that!  Thanks, Heather for inadvertantly stretching our possibilities and thanks Carrie for giving us a good and practical solution. 

Clay's Choice quilt squares for Heather (I never cease to be amazed at the possibilities in one block pattern!)
This week, Byron is out of town with his job.  I've spent most of my words in the one-sided conversation with canines since we are 'home alone' together.  When they let me, I have been working on embroidery.  I finished another piece for Meredith.  Her name means "from the sea" as in meregirls, so I stitched these up for her. 
Actually, it wasn't like I was looking for something to make for Meredith.  I first found the meregirl pattern.  Then had the idea of putting the two of them together in a sort of mermaid yin and yang. 

I love how they came out.  Maybe Meredith will too.  Next is OCTOBUNNY! This is the wildest looking embroidery I have done so far... and in an artsy fartsy way, that makes it really fun.


  1. Teri, your bloggie is beautiful just like you.

  2. Thank you, Pierro... erm, Rosie! <3