Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fun Places

Here are a few lovely little creative eye candy sites I have come upon in my travels on the World Wide Web.  Please enjoy them with me.

Aimee Ray's Dream Follow
Amy has the greatest embroidery patterns I've seen.  They are whimsical and imaginative.  Isn't this little bunny the greatest?  Aimee also has an Etsy where you can purchase her artwerk and designs.  She has published a book, as well as a collection of hundreds of her embroidery designs.

MimiLove 4 Ever
Mimi is a fabulous painter, but I think her best work is her mixed media embroidery.  It's simply stunning.  The birds are my favorite, but here's a cow from her front page.  She paints a picture then to enhance the painting, stitches right over the top.  She stitches saying on them as well.  Mimi also has an Etsy where you can purchase her werk.

Nanette's Freda's Hive
Here are some incredibly cute original scrap quilt patterns.  I am absolutely *in love* with this All Dressed Up pattern.  I bought it and really need to get going on making them!

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