Saturday, April 09, 2011

Sew Here We Go Again

As you may notice, this blog has a whole new look!  I have been sewing and creating a lot lately.  I decided to blog about those projects, maybe some healthy recipes and perhaps a little about my family and dogs.

Recently, I started a quilt block swap at Flickr called "Blockheadz".  Since I am new to Flickr groups and the process, there are only six people responded, subscribed and are participating at Flickr.  I decided to create another group at StitchTalk to supplement the number of people playing.  There ended up being eight players.

Clay's Choice
 The fun begins April 15... or maybe before.  Around April 15, we will each receive a packet in the mail from Heather.  Heather will supply us with instructions and most of the materials to make two quilt blocks.  One color will be missing from the block (the dark blue star part, I believe) and we are to add that color from our fabric stash. 

Every few weeks for a six-month period, another person will send out supplies.  Each participant will get a turn.  We have a month to construct our blocks.  When we are finished sewing, we send them back to their original sender. 

Heather should receive fourteen 12" quilt blocks.  If she makes two blocks herself, she will have sixteen.  That's enough to make a quilt!