Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Tale of a Featherweight

Bloggers, forgive me for I am remiss... it has been two months since I last blogged!  I feel like the worst blogger ever, but keep reading of others in the same boat.  It's probably the instant gratification of Instagram that has us all starry-eyed and not practicing our blog-writing skillZ!  I digress...

This story began with Colleen and her family vacation across the northern US and southern Canada.  She had a great time and posted a lot of pics.  I missed the one where she mentioned a white/mint Featherweight she had seen...

...Until our guild's last Sit 'n Sew.  Colleen was telling me about her trip when the Featherweight came up.
Colleen's  pic of her and my first peak

"Why didn't you buy it???"
"How much was it?"

"What's the name of the store?"

"Where is it?"

Lavoy's Antiques in Alberta, British Columbia.  Just at the talk of the little beauty, I could feel my heart race.  Later I told Byron about the machine and googled to find out more about the store.

On Monday, I called.  The lady said I was her furthest inquirer about a machine.  She asked me if I found her on Google.  I told her the story.  She sent me to the Kajiji listing for it (Canadian version of Craig's List) and gave me the machine specs.  I told her I would call her back to let her know something and to please hold it in the meantime.

That was when I googled 'SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT WHITE.'  I could feel my heart pounding again.  Should I buy it with only Colleen's impression and a few not-so-good net pics?  Was it worth the cost?  Did those watermark lines on the box mean it had sat in water?  Was it rusted?

The price was pretty good.

I studied the limited images on Kajiji pics.  The cord was bound all over with electrical tape.  I learned that the original machine came with this charming Bakelite box full of accessories and that it had originally had a white drive belt.  

A half hour later, I called her back and continued to question.  I pointed out the things that I saw were missing (largely, they were extras, not essentials.) I asked her if they would pay the shipping and leave it at the same price.  She had to ask her husband, but he agreed.  I was a little upset that they accepted so quickly and didn't haggle... maybe I had offered too high?

So, we made the transaction and the wait began.  My Canadian friend, Katy and I joke about the 'black hole' between the US and Canada border.  When something goes in/over,  you never know when it's going to 'come out' on the other side.  It might be a week or it could be closer to a month!  I was determined not to mark the time closely so I wouldn't be anxious.
The electronic receipt came in my email.  Then, in what seemed like no time (less than a week) the mail lady was blowing her horn in my driveway (that's rural for "You've got BIG mail!")  Byron brought the whiskey box it was packed in inside.  I spent a while looking her over and seeing if I saw any obvious problems.  The cord was pretty beat up so I was afraid to plug it in.
AKA "Esme"
Yesterday, we took her to to the Poppy Featherweight guy who repairs machines at quilt shows.  He gave her a check, at a screw or two and suggested replacing the cord.  But other than that, she's good to go.  YAY!  I made a good investment!


Other happenings to catch up on 
(or "what I've been up to instead of blogging")

Working on the Tula Pink City 100 block quilt
Cute Noodlehead bag  
Love the zipper detail
 blocks for a special secret project
Alyssa's birthday quilt
Lovely pinnie and felting goodies from Louise in FLiPS
aka Fabulous Little Pincushion Swap
Mug Rug for swap and new social spot Ipernity
Mug Rug and cup koozie for the Triad Modern Quilt Guild swap
Travel Pillow for next TQMG swap 
Back of the pillow
Eeeep!  I was pleased with my quilting
(I did this on my straight stitch FW with NO walking foot!)
Dewey's cake recently shared at a TQMG Sit 'N Sew Sunday

Are you in the W-S area?  Come join us THIS Tues. night, 8/27 at 6:30p
at the South Fork Community Center


  1. Holy cow you have been busy! Love the mug rug for the IP (can we call it that?) swap... and congrats on Esme!! Now you have a Canuck living with you LOL!

    1. Heh, I have been busy! Guess I will attribute it to the long days of summer. Thanks on the congrats... I can't wait to sew with her but I am trying to be patient since it was a totally serendipitous purchase! =O

  2. You blew my mind when you bought it! Im glad you got a good deal. I expected one of my Canadian friends to snap it up when I instagrammed. I love your mug rug! I was going to buy the same cup and make a cozy until I saw the one I did buy! Great minds think alike!

    1. Glad you found your way over this time, Colleen cos I meant to tell you that I posted a few of your pics. I couldn't resist checking on the machine since I knew what those machines are selling for versus what that one was listed for. So glad you told me about it!

  3. sneaky -- you said that pillow wasn't for the guild swap. I'm thinking you got my name

  4. Oh! I adore your new machine. And what a story to go with it. Congrats on a great purchase.

    xo Heather Bailey