Sunday, June 02, 2013

Forest Friends Quilt Along

It seems like it’s only been a few days since Joanna invited me to be a part of the Forest Friends QAL and here we are at the close of it!

My forest ‘flora’ is the trillium. Here's an interesting fact about this flower: if you pick the blossom, the plant will likely die. I’ve been tempted, but never have!

Where I live, the trillium flowers are white.  Joanna worked up the final .PDF for my design (thank you!) and represented a red flower. Maybe you will want to make yours a little differently than mine and choose red.

*This design is not very difficult as it is three petals and three leaves that are similar. Because it is a flower with three petals and the paper has 4 corners, it sits in a way that makes the design like a puzzle.

With the ‘puzzle’ warning, just be aware of your piece placement!

*FYI, at the end of this blog, there are links to download .PDFs of both the pattern and the instructions.

Here’s what you will need:
  • FQ or scraps of red or white for the trillium petals 
  •  Scraps of green for the leaves 
  • Scraps of yellow/gold for center
  • Scraps of light green or gold for the tips of the leaves 
  •  FQ or large scraps for the background 
For the center, I used Dimples by Andover Fabrics which is a tone-on-tone fabric that comes in a huge array of colors.
For the flower petals, I happened to have had a piece of white fabric with pin-tucks that I used as a representation of the veins of the petals--a striped fabric might work well too.  I used a dark green batik for the background to simulate the dark forest floor and a striated batik for the leaves.

Working the design:

  • When printing, be sure that your printer is NOT set to “Fit to Page.”
  • Before you proceed, measure the square on the Trillium Pattern .PDF.
  • If you need a paper-piecing method, here is the method I use. You won’t end up with paper on the floor because you don’t sew on the paper!

Piecing the Trillium: 
Be aware that several of these pattern sections look quite similar. Double check your section letters before stitching them together!
  • Cut out pattern pieces A-L. You might want to lay them out like the design so you get oriented to how everything fits together.
  • Begin piecing with Unit A, stitching together all of the pieces in each section, finishing with Unit L.
  • After all of the individual sections are stitched, begin sewing sections together in pairs.
    • Sew A to B
    • Sew C to D
    • Sew E to F
    • Sew G to H
    • Sew I to J
    • Sew K to L
  • You want to end up with two compound sections with NO “Y” seam, so continue as follows:
    • Sew unit AB to CD
    • Sew unit ABCD to EF. Remove freezer paper if you haven’t already. Press seams and set aside. 
    • Sew unit GH to IJ.
    • Sew unit GHIJ to KL. Remove freezer paper if you haven’t already. Press seams and set aside.
    • Carefully sew unit ABCDEF to unit GHIJKL. Press.
Voila! You are finished. You can use this block to make a pillow. Add a few other designs from the Forest Friends QAL to make a wallhanging. Make all the blocks for a full-sized quilt! If you make my design (or any of the others from the Forest QAL, please share a picture of it at Flickr.

If you have trouble of any kind, please email me!

Thank you, Joanna and Julianna for hosting this fantastic Paper-piecing QAL!


  1. almost all the pieces are mislabelled. L is actually K, etc. can you please update your picture to reflect what's in the printed pattern?

    1. Sorry about that, Michelle. I started in the wrong spot. It's fixed now! And so is the PDF. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I love love love your design! I'm really happy that you came up with flower design - our forest is happy about it too:)

    1. Thank you, Julianna! It turned out to be a better idea than the frog I started out with! :D Enjoy!

  3. Julianna, thank you so much for the beautiful trillium flower design ~ such a lovely way to end the sew along.

    1. You are welcome, Elsa. I am so glad you enjoyed it. -teri

  4. Oh I like it! I think I might be able to change it just a bit to make it look like a sego lilly! That's my state flower and a fun part of the story of the western pioneers.

  5. I am from Ontario and we love Trilliums there - a magical sight when we walk in the woods!!!