Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Things, Boy Things (Part 1)

Our niece, Jessica is carrying the first great nephew.  The doctor says he's to make his appearance into the world any day now.  He is SiL Kathy's first grandchild and MiL Judy's first great grandchild..

His en utero nickname has been "Elbe" otherwise spelled as "L. B." which is the initials for "Little Baby."  Cute, huh?  His real name is not to be uttered yet.  At least she told us his gender... well, that's the sonographer's best estimation.  Right, Alyssa? (my own "I-never-say-100%-but-I'm-99%-sure-it's-a-boy" girl  We'll never stop laughing at that!)

Over the last decades, things have changed and sonograms are much more accurate.  I'm pretty sure this time they are right about Elbe being a boy.  I have put stock in that.

I've personally given Jessica's child a bunch of boy "stuff" so far.  I am perhaps as excited as a great aunt can be.  Over the decades, I have mostly forgotten how much fun baby goodies are to procure and make!  (well, there was Abby's stuff but that was for a girl.)
First, there is the  baby carrier cover like the one pictures in the top left corner,
but made from the really cute IKEA fabric in all of the other pics, lol!
(there's a tutorial for that here.)
This is his quiltie (which serendipitously,
turned out to be the nursery colors  she chose. =)
But WAIT, there's MORE! *blushes already*
There's the fleece bunny, burp pads and 'pee-pee tee-pees', hee hee!
Then, there's father-to-be Micheal's compact diaperbag
chocked full of toys and things a FTB should like
(pattern forthcoming, I hope!)
And finally (for now) the wallhanging.
I told Jess I would change out the letters for his name...
...when I know it! :)
Um, I have time now, like I did not when my own bebes were small.  Gosh, if I have own grandkids, this could get really ridiculous!  There may or may not be other handmade items in the works.  *still blushing, but-probably-not-stopping* LOL!


  1. Very cute. I love making baby items. The fabrics are so cute too.

    1. I totally agree! If the fabric prints don't rope me in, the patterns do, LOL!

  2. Awesome baby stuff - and that hedgehog fabric is just wonderful!!! I can attest to the amazingness of becoming a grand parent - as birth of my grand daughter Gigi 3 years was how I first started quilting! You are SOOO talented and skilled!!!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words. I love that fabric too: hedgehog + strawberries = no-brainer, lol! It's been stashed ever since I first found it. FYI, since retiring quite early, I sew most days. In the last 2 years I have gone from being a BoM block maker to checking off a lot of things that were long on my sewing 'bucket list.' I am sure having "Grands" is the best! I hope I am fortunate enough to have some someday in the near future. :)

  4. I cant wait for the pattern for the diaper bag, and would love to know where the material came from..Its all gorgeous, I have a new gandbaby coming in Dec.. Juggle is what they want. I also love love the linen box with lid..

    1. Thank you SS, I just found my notes today so maybe I can dredge my brain and put it together soon. FYI, the fabric came from JoAnn Fabrics, in the baby fabrics. It's just a giraffe pint and jungle print.