Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TMG Meeting with Melody Recap

Last night was our guild meeting with fabric designer, Melody Miller as featured speaker.  Melody shared with us about how she ended up as a fabric designer.  She is a trained artist, but learned after a bit, that's a hard way to make a living (unfortunately, most brilliant artists through the ages become well-known after they are no longer around to hear the accolades!)

Her path to fabric designing includes a lot of serendipity, born out of her own necessity and curiosity.  She presented a slide show to highlight her designs and ideas.  She draws all of the images in her fabrics with a graphics program.  They are amazing!  She is immensely talented and totally driven!
She showed some of her new fabric, Ruby Star Sparkle that will include metallic ink.  Of course, it has yet to make it to my neck of the woods, but she assured us it would be coming soon.  FYI, you can get it at

It's hard to take photos of slides and my camera is my phone, so I don't have any good shots from the presentation.  You might visit the Triad Modern Quilt Guild's site in a few days or check out our Flickr group.

I have a couple of few interesting shots that I will share.  Sarah decorated a cake with one of Melody's typewriter fabric designs on it.  Didn't she do a great job?
sorry it's a tad blurry
As she was signing my copy of her book, I noticed her cute tattoos.  I have a thing for tattoos, so asked her if she would mind if I took a pic of them.
those are her red sequined chucks with the neon shoestrings :)
I told Melody that when I met Tula, I had take a pic of Tula's tattoos, as well. She knows Tula, of course, and said Tula told her she sometimes uses those tats for ID, LOL!
goodies from the meeting (fabrics from my LQS, Little General)
Thanks to Lee and the TMQG leaders, and Gina of the Little General for putting on this fun event! 

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