Thursday, October 04, 2012

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?

Each year in the month of June, Hobby Lobby always freaks me out a little.  That's when they first start putting out their Christmas merch.  I remember the first year it happened for me.  I felt I was in a momentary time warp and actually had heart palpitations.  These days, it makes me chuckle (then I eye my fave line of ornaments, studying to find a special one, "just in case.")  For me, the notion of Christmas rush then takes a nap until autumn.

Here in the early days of Rocktober, we are having the local fair, the James Strates Show.  This is a country fair and amusement rides combined.  The country fair has a tree decorating composition.  Again, jolly ol' Christmas wakes up.

The next holiday on most of the local calendar is Halloween.  Some commercial aspects of Halloween have become as ridiculous as Christmas.  Strings of orange lights to decorate house and home?  Really?  I like the pumpkin carving and looking at the costumes in stores.  I have got four small skeletons that I hang on the back porch and I am done.

Years, ago, I saw funniest and scariest Halloween card I've ever seen.  On the outside it said something like, "Ghouls and ghosts, bats and witches.  If you think that's scary, here's the scariest of all!"  Inside: "There are only 54 shopping days until Christmas!!!" =O LOL!

I used to be an 'all year' shopper and crafter, then a last minute rusher, and have settled into a laid back Christmas crafters with some extra shopping for the kids.  This year for various reasons, I am having to think of all this stuff early.
I plan to revisit this cute wreath I made last year. I want to craft a few handmade ornaments--maybe snowmen! 
Meredith and Alyssa's Christmas lap quilts
I've almost finished a few quilt tops.  I hope to get to use a friend's  longarm to knock out in a couple of hour sessions.  I have a mental list of things I'd like to buy.  Most of my shopping is online.  So even though it's early, I feel pretty much on top of things (I hate it when special events seem to reel out of control.)

If you are looking for some early projects, you might try Lee and Sarah's 12 Weeks of Christmas.

This is the second week and Lee has posted a tutorial for a cute tablerunner. It would be a great gift for almost anyone on your list and you could make it in a few hours.  Happy happy... merry merry!


  1. Hey girl! how come I didn't know you had a blog. I am glad I found it even though I don't know how I did it.
    Christmas always comes to soon. My Charlie Brown fabric will not get made into a quilt this year. Your daughters will get a kick out their new quilts.

    1. Hi Carrie, I have had a blog for more than a decade, LOL! Remember, I started the FHE one (back when I couldn't find anyone who understood WHY we would want one, heh!) I have had this one for a few years. Glad you found me too!

      Yes, Christmas is quick, when the rest of winter seems so slow to me. I have to piece those Charlie Brown blocks or mine aren't gonna happen! Mom made the girls Christmas quilts when they were babies... time for an update!