Sunday, September 23, 2012

Storybook Life

Pinterest... *sigh*  Every material thing I love seems to live there.  And if it doesn't, I pin it!  That said, here's a "Dear Byron" letter.

Dear Byron,
Remember how we have talked about moving further south and closer to the coast?  Well, I think it's time and we should build anew.  Here is my list of some things to include:

Let's start outside...
the house will look similar to this
made of reclaimed brick and timbers
oh wait! maybe this one is  better
more cottage-like, new construction
this cottage garden with a picket fence
starts in the front and end in the back yard
(that's the gardening shed)
this is a tiny guest house
one of two for the girls (we'll need a huge piece of land)
#2 forget the sloping hill
we can make it work on flatter land
i am sure this look can be modified for a natural wood look
It will need this bed
And next here's the library, for you, to keep you interested in the project...
to go up to the library
the white seats will have to go for something
more mancave-ish.  do you like this man cave? 
no?  then how about something more like this?
The guest room is quick...
the extra bedroom for the grands
will have this bed...

AND this bed (for those landlubber kids)
I am tired.  I will have to get back to you on the kitchen and other living spaces.  I'm going to relax now... my beach bathroom
oh dear, i can't decide whether i'd rather have a shower...
...or a bath

Pinterest... exponentially cultivating stuff lust in the civilised world


  1. Speaking as a Pinterest addict myself... oh my, I adore both cottages and storybook houses. And the boat bed - words fail me. As long as I'm happily dreaming, will you put me on your waiting list for one of the guest cottages? That is, if they're ever vacant!

    Glad you posted your blog over in the Grandmother's Choice group discussion - I'm having a good time exploring.

    1. You got it J! When I get this villa set up, the cottages (at least one) should be open and available most of the year--exceptions on holidays and in case we go to Europe... I mean why not all of this and Europe too! Has Europe been pinned??? London?? If I am in Europe, bring your crew and party hardy! :D

  2. It's funny how many of those I have already pinned as well LOL... what a great post!

    1. Haha! I guess it's a small Pinterest world too! ;)

  3. Keep going, your almost finished with my house!

    1. HA! That's great Ann Marie! I appreciate wit. It's gonna be a good one, eh?