Saturday, September 15, 2012

How's Grandmother's BOW doing?

It's Week 3 of the Grandmother's Choice: Women's Suffrage & Rights block of the week.  Today's block is called Union Square.  If you would like to read the story behind the block, you can click here.

The model block suggests red and states, "Red is for Rebellion.  If you read  my first blog about this sew along, I said there would be no red in this quilt.  I used a bright orange that is about as red as I will get.  It perfectly matches the fabric that the little bird is on.

The bird shares the fabric with some girls walking in the rain.  It's Spring Umbrellas by Clothworks.  I ordered extra fabric so I can make many fussy cuts.  This week's block features a girl who is somewhat deconstructed in the five squares.  At first, I had her umbrella lined up the way it is in her image.  But it didn't look right. so I ripped it out and turned it.
week 3 - union square a la wonky umbrella
This one is better, yes?
week 3 - umbrella redone... isn't that stocking leg funny down at the bottom?
I ordered more colors of green fabric so that all of the green won't be so chartreusy.  The blocks on the corners are supposed to be solid.  Again, I divided the squares into HST's for interest.   Once again, I am trying to give an allover picture of a flower.

I also ordered a more vibrant yellow to make the cornerstones pop.  Hey, why add them, if they will just blend in?

I know it's risky to sew all of the blocks together as I go, but I couldn't resist sewing these first three.  I am really liking the look so far.

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