Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last Minute Challenge

So yesterday, a friend asks if I am entering anything in the Texting While Sewing Challenge.  I hadn't even heard of it!  I googled and found it over at  Amy's During Quiet Time blog.
The idea is to make a 12" block with words, either spelled out with fabric or in the actual fabric.  I'd recently had fun with that at Sew Out Loud QAL.  This sounded like fun, as well.  I scrolled down looking for the rules and noticed that the prizes are fantastic.

I saw a clock counter that says there are 16 hours left to enter.  Oh well, it would have been fun, but I thought I had missed it.  I looked at the date carefully and realized the counter was accurate.

I decided that I had a narrow window to see if I could do it; if I could come up with an interesting idea that was not hard to execute.  Selvages... that seemed like a good idea with all of those numbers and, words and  colors. Color... it would have to be rainbow.  Background... news print fabric... OR white on white selvages!

I started sewing, placing strips in a rainbow pattern.  I wasn't certain how I was going to put the block together but I had colors and a method.  I decided on a block and how to sew it.  It couldn't be pieced as normal because it would be too thick and not lie flat.  I decided to cover all seams with selvages! :)

I had an appointment then afterwards, we ate lunch out.  Before and after, I worked on the block, designing in stream of consciousness.  I kept sewing, though several times along the way, I wondered if my idea would work.  I told Byron it was going to be pretty good... or stupid, LOL!

Titled "Selvages, Selvages, Selvages!"
Having worked at a steady yet leisurely pace, by 10pm, the block was finished, photographed and ready for entry.  Mine was the last.  It's not perfect, but considering everything, I am pleased enough.  Finished is still better than perfect.

UPDATE:  I just learned that my block made the top ten preliminary cut! :D Next is the panel judging *holds breath and crosses fingers*


  1. I love your selvages block good luck with the contest!

  2. I love your block! I've been saving up selvages for dreams of a quilt but I'm moving a little slow...this definitely gave me a little more motivation!

  3. Thanks BDS, have you been to She has great ideas! She also has a Flickr site: ang in case you don't know, her name is Karen Griska. I drool over the dress in her sidebar.

  4. This is such a great block. I LOVE selvages!

  5. awesome block! congrats on placing so far. has the judging gone on yet?