Sunday, May 20, 2012

You Never Know...

I am part of an on-going round robin quilting group named "Add-a-Border Swap."  There are several guidelines which make the group doable for any quilter.  Here are the basics:
  1. Member A begins the round by submitting a 6" starter block to the group leader.  (Each block is given a name by its creator so it's progress can be tracked on its journey.)
  2. Another 6" block is sent back to the Member A from the group's pool of starter blocks.
  3. Member A increases the block by adding borders or on-point corners until it becomes a 12" block.
  4. Member A repeats Step 1 to 18".  The process is repeated at 24".  
  5. This is the last step, so the block is finished.  The member can return return or keep the 24" block to request another finished block from the group pool OR keep it.
Here's where the plot thickens.  Here's the crazy, funny part!

Member Jody submitted a 6" block called "Not Just Feathered Friends"...
(note the F's that are nested, as well as the 'feathered' birds)
Jody's 6" block then traveled to member Joan, who added more letters; initials for the name of the block.
That block went to group leader Dustin, 
who could not resist bending the rules a bit and turning that in to...
Here's what Dustin said: "now a "ninja muffin" whatever that is... at 27x12 it's the same square inches as any other round 3 blocks... so if the next person adds a 3 inch border... it should be the same amount of sewing.
Okay, sure Dustin, LOL!  The "Ninja Muffin" (aka "Not Just Feathered Friends) traveled to Celeste,
who also could not resist deviating from the rules (guidelines, by now, ha!) 
Apparently, a "shop-pe" was built where you can obtain a
"Ninja Muffin"--as Dustin said "whatever that is"!
As the last stop on the NMS's journey, I requested to keep the "Ninja Muffin Shoppe" mini-quilt top.
I found it's absurdity and pastel colors quite charming.

When NMS arrived in the mail, I was excited to find an idea to finish it.  The second day it was in my possession, a light bulb went off.  What does a ninja muffin look like after all???
I was inspired by these guys...
...and these guys
I drew up some ideas. then started sewing...

I added borders, added the "ninja muffins" and quickly quilted and bound it.
The feathered friends had been deeply emmbedded.  At last, NMS was complete.
Those muffin-y ninjas rock, if I say so myself, BAHAHA!
FYI, click here if you would like to join the Add-A-Border Swap group at Flickr, make some interesting and artsy min-quilts, as well as meet some nice people and friends!


  1. oh it looks great! nice blog too. I just favorited it.

  2. Hee.. this is kind of hilarious :D

    (Btw, found your site via the scrap swap at Flickr.)