Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Mama's Day

Mama with my girls, Alyssa and Meredith
Just before the turn of the new millennium, my mama found out she had cancer.  Two days before Father's Day in 1999, she was diagnosed.  She was 61 years old.  A week later, during the surgery, they determined that she had Stage 4 ovarian cancer.  Amazingly, she fought and survived for almost a decade.

Grandson Matt, Mama, Daddy and granddaughter Alie
celebrating one of Mom's birthdays at my house
Almost no one lives much past being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, much less Stage 4.  But Mama held on and lived as fully as the constraints of her situation allowed.  She had a long remission in the middle and she did things like share her story before a group and can green beans!  She wanted so much to live.

Then with the return of the cancer, she still fought valiantly for a year and a half.  The ordeal wasn't easy, but I am grateful because I got to know her and be known by her during those years.
Driving the senior ladies 
She died just days before her 70th birthday in 2008.  This will be the 3rd Mother's Day without her.  Of all the days, I miss her, I miss her most at Mother's Day--more than her birthday or any other holiday.  All the stores and commercials are harking and barking about mothers.

"Do this for your mom!" 
"Make your mom feel special!"  
"Let your mom know she's the best!"

I can't.  I tried to show her when she was alive.  I loved her and she loved me but we were so different.  I won't get into all that. My goal is to say I can't do anything more regarding Mama.  I know I'll never get over that.

Mama loved flowers.  For that reason, I often brought her cut flowers.  During her last year or so, I kept them for her, swapping our a spent bunch for a fresh one.

She taught me to love flowers.  With the return of warm weather, spring and flowers, I can't help but think of her... a lot.  I see potted plants and bouquets I would have bought her.  I am comforted to know that any affection or flower of this earth pales to what she knows now.  There are no sickness or tears, and more beauty than imaginable!
Mama with Donnie and me


  1. Two things I knew about your mom in the short while I knew her, she was a very special woman and she adored you.