Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Update

These are bullet points of things going on in my world.

  • Alyssa was home from Florida for a week to play guitar in a friend's wedding.  And a what a whirlwind week it was!  We had fun together.  One day, we all went to Asheville to visit Meredith.  Lots of fun stuff all week.  Can I just say how much I miss that kid???
  • I have a new car!  It's a fun lil sporty version of a Camry.  I am just enjoying the sound system, but the all round economy boost will be a good thing.  Besides, I think it's cute.
  • My birthday is in a week.  I totally forgot.  Maybe I am just the age where that is the subconscious reaction, LOL!  Mother's Day and our 25th anniversary are the same weekend.  These events will be celebrated by a short trip to Atlanta to attend a baseball game (go Bravos!) plus visit the world's largest aquarium and Stone Mountain (Byron has never been.)  I confess I am most excited to see the baseball game.  The opposing team is the St. Louis Cards oops... Cincy Reds, who I followed with my dad when I was a wee lassie.  We also hope that Chipper Jones is playing since he retires this year.
  • Two years later, I'm back at WW's.  So much emotional pain has happened immediately after my first successful loss of 50 lbs.  I've felt punished for succeeding.  I associate my weight loss with that kerfuffle.  I've been (and still am) reluctant to try again.  It just seems like asking for trouble. But maybe three is a charm.
  • The winner of the Sew Out Loud paper-pieced block challenge was announced yesterday.  I was crestfallen that the winner was not me.  I had already fantasized about what to do with the prize money and fabrics--WHA-WHAAAA! ;)  I thought I had a novel idea and still believe that is true.  Early on, I had a suspicion that things might not go my way.  This QAL's sponsor is in Europe and the judge is Japanese.  It was literally an international affair.  My design was about as American as you can get.  These  people possibly have quite different sensibilities than me. This country chick is just not abstracting thinking and cosmopolitan enough.  
  • I want to redo my studio/sewing room.  Yea, I know it was just done a year and a half ago... there's just so many things I would have done differently (in this massive house, I still have relatively little storage, gah!)  
Well, I probably lost any reader way back there at the top, but I feel better getting some of this off my chest.  I feel a bit Debbie Downer, but I'm working on it.

Here are some of my latest creative endeavors.  I hope you have a sunny weekend!
Next blog, I will be doing a tutorial on making these ladybugs.
They are only 3" square.
Lucie the Laggerhead, a pincushion for FLiPs
Block 8 from the SOL QAL.  I made it into a mini-quilt.
I love this pattern!

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  1. I loved your entry and I'm surprised that you didn't win! It's a great block and I'm sure the vote was really close!

    Our 29th anniversary is on Mother's Day! Congrats to you and your hubby. Your ladybugs are wonderful, and so is your sea turtle!! In fact, I think everything you make is great.

    Good luck with WW. I'm doing South Beach yet again..... it's taking longer this time, darn it!