Thursday, December 08, 2011

"Pin-up" Card Wreath
a tutorial

Ever since I was a wee child, we always taped our Christmas cards around the doorways in our decorated home. But sadly, we don't get so many cards anymore.  But we do get enough to display.

On the Today Show, Martha demonstrated how to make a clothes pin and embroidery hoop card wreath. This is a cute way to display a couple of dozen holiday cards.  You can hang it on a wall or interior door.  If you get more cards, you can make another wreath!  Here's how:

You will need a wooden embroidery hoop (about 14 inches), 12-17 wooden clothes pins,
glue that will hold wood to wood, and ribbon.
Since I am a crafty person, I only had to purchase the embroidery hoop (it cost a whoppin' $1.99.)  I had the glue, clothes pins (I never use as many as I have), and ribbon on hand.  My ribbon is more narrow than Martha showed, but I believe it will work.

A 14-inch hoop was recommended, but mine is only 12" since that was the largest our lil Ben Franklin sold (there were more expensive and heavier hoops, but that is not necessary.)

  1. For extra strength, I glue the two rings of the hoop together.  I loosened the screw of the outer ring and ran a thing bead of glue around the entire ring.
  2. Then, I laid the clothes pins on the hoop to space them, turn every other pin, one pointing out and the next pointing in, all the way around.  There is an empty spot on the pins just below the metal spring (FYI, mine are a little close to use each one, but I likes the way they looked.  NOTE: there is a larger space at the top where the hanging ribbon and bow will be placed.
  3. I put a dot of glue on both the hoop and on the clothespin to mark both spots as I positioned the pin.
  4. Next, leave the hoop on a flat surface to allow the glue to dry (I let mine sit overnight.)
  5. Lastly make a pretty bow to put at the top of the ribbon that will hang the card wreath.

To me, it looks sort of Scandinavian with its clean lines.
Hang your wreath on the wall and add your cards as they arrive during the season.

And when Christmas is over and it's time to take the cards down, I won't be scratching tape off of the door frame. :)

This is cute and inexpensive gift!


  1. What a neat idea!! Thank you for posting the tutorial. This looks like something I could even do with the daughter. :)

  2. I like this too. Now we need to hunt for supplies and make this for next year
    We will have plenty of time to get-r-done