Monday, December 12, 2011

a tutorial

I had to buy Christmas paper for the folded circle balls in Part 1.  While at the Enchanted Cottage, I found another paper ornament design!  It's pretty easy but turns out looking rather fancy.  The shop owner explained how to make them to me.
How to Assemble:
Basically, this is a cube with the corners turned out and glued.
  • Cut six squares all the same size (2" or 2.5 works well for a medium-sized ornament to put on a tree.)
  • Select items like contrasting colored paper, stickers, decals or buttons to decorate  
The amount you fold the corners determines whether there will be an opening in the design. or not
  • On all six sides, score the corners, bending each up toward the top part that will be decorated.  Run your finger on the outside of the fold to help make the line crisp.  I use clear acrylic a ruler that has a 45 degree angle marked, which makes it easy to mark the right spot.
  • Decorate FIVE sides--leave one side for the top where you add a string or ribbon for hanging (I partially decorated the top, only as much so the opening for ribbon is not obstructed.)
  • Match the corners and glue four pieces in a row/strip.  Then, connect the four to form a square 'tube'.  You can allow to dry for a few minutes so the ends will be easier to attach.
  • Match the corners and glue four to form the cube. Voila!  You are finished!  
Here are pics of a few others I have made to give you more ideas:
This one is made from 1.5" squares and is rather petite

This one is decorated with  decals, stickers and buttons
Sparkly craft paper, decals. snowflake stickers and buttons
I used 3.5 squares here and this one is rather large.
It's amazing what happens when you cube things!
The possible combinations are endless ~ HAVE FUN!

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