Monday, June 27, 2011


"Harajuku is no longer a place, but a concept."
This is not my usual blog fare, but I am totally fascinated by Harajuku and must share.  I have seen the Harajuku Lovers purses in Ross stores.  Meredith always ribs me because I always like the designs and threaten to buy one.
However, I did not realize that an entire cultural thing has risen up around Harajuku fashions, in the city of Harajuku, apparently.  I found this comment written by a Japanese girl:

"Back in the days teenagers and young adults alike have been bored with all the conventional looks that everyone had in Japan, people started to feel more individualistic.

Out of all the same old uniform styles, a need to express one's self came about. Young Japanese suddenly didn't want to wear the clothes that everyone was wearing just because it was a popular brand, or it cost that much or this magazine said it was the latest to wear. Like the Punk Rock movement, disregard towards the traditional and societal norms of the way you look became hip."

There are a variety of styles from punk, emo, ganguro, musician, mix match, Decora, gothic Lolita (goth-loli), visual kei and cosplay (Costume play).  No, I don't know what all of those are. 
The article also notes:
"Harajuku is consider the holy Mecca of Japanese teenage culture... which is between Shinjuku and Shibuya in Japan.

If you are in Harajuku and want to see the youth fashions, go on Sunday.  You'll see this wacky and unique culture at its most extreme.  Teens actually congregate in Harajuku on Sunday, hoping to be photographed by tourists and others.

If I were young and Japanese, I can so see myself getting caught up in  this fashion craze.  What a fun way to waste a lot of time and money!  But Harajuku should stay in Japan.  It doesn't seen to translate well to caucasians/westerners.

A short video intro:

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  1. Awesome post! Harajuku is a pretty cool concept and such a great outlet for self expression. Gwen Stephani, of No Doubt, popularized Harajuku in the US, primarily through her video... I think it is called Bananas? And through her Harajuku Lovers fashion line (and perfume... have you seen the adorable bottles???).