Thursday, May 05, 2011

Art, Fabric and Chocolate
(not neccessarily in that order)

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Michael's.  I was looking at the paints when Byron noticed that the easels were on sale.  So he bought me one.  Now, I don't have to paint with my canvas on the floor, lol!  Thanks, Dear!
I have a big canvas (recently bought on sale at AC Moore) so I think I will paint.
When he bought the easel, I asked him in a pretend-crying voice, "Thank you!  Does this mean you think I can paint??"  LOL!  He said yes.

Our May A Little Fabric, A Little Chocolate swap at Flickr has started!  It's like a Christmas gift swap, except it's in May and for no reason, except for the fun of it!

My partner Flickr-mailed me yesterday to introduce herself.  She's a cutie and has really cute kiddos too.  Over the month of May, we collect items for our partner (they give their suggestions.)  The goal is to *spoil* them (it says that in the guidelines!) 

I already started collecting a few things that I've seen when I was out.  I even made something (and the funny thing is it's characteristics are listed in her "Likes," hehe!
At the end of May, we wrap the goodies in pretty paper and send them off.  Of course, since it's a swap, we get one back.

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