Friday, April 22, 2011

Windows and Doors

"Make a quilt is fun and achieveable! Construction fundamentals are important, but quilting is, in the end, a creative endeavor. You don't have to do it the same way as everyone else. You don't need a fancy machine. And better still, you end up with a fabulous and useful object!" --Elizabeth Hartman,
I just received Elizabeth Hartman's The Practical Guide to Patchwork from Amazon.  I learned about Elizabeth when I clicked a link to her blog.  I've made her Map of the States block and am currently working on the quilt along project, Tokyo Subway Quilt.
Jessica's Tablerunner - Map of the States block
Tokyo Subway Quilt WIP
I ordered the book primarily for her pattern called Kitchen Window (page 77.)  I'd seen several versions of that quilt on Flickr.
I finally have the time and space to make quilts, so I am catching up on some I'd backlogged.  I'm making a quilt for Alyssa with this pattern.  A few years ago, she picked out fabric for a quilt.  It's from the line Bohemian, by Anna Marie Horner.

More about the book: the first 44 pages of the book are dedicated to quilting method.  It was a good refresher, but I know most of this information. But I figured the price of the whole book was not much more than a single pattern. Since I'd been fond of Elizabeth's other designs, maybe I'd find other interesting projects.
There are a total of twelve projects and all of them are updated, modern and interesting.  Elizabeth pieces designs for the backs of her quilts too, what fun!  To me, the book was a good investment.

Guess what I found this morning?  A free general tutorial on a similar block!  It's called Windowpane by John Adams/Quilt Dad.  Click here for the pattern.
There are two versions of John's pattern.  The design can be turn 4 different ways, so it's really eight different blocks. 

John's Windowpane basic design is similar to Elizabeth's, but you'd have make the block rectagular and add a border color on two short sides for it to be like Kitchen Window.  I still might try this one too sometime.

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