Friday, August 29, 2014

IG Mini Swap

Yes, I am still kicking... not blogging much, but sewing, quilting and kicking!  This blog is mainly for the swap (so sorry, it's closed already!)  But you might find interesting things in my ramblings.
My friend, Sandy aka CurlyBoy (who I met on a Doll Quilt Swap on Flickr) is having a massive mini quilt swap on Instagram.  I think IG swaps are a fairly new concept.  This is my first online swap in about a million days.
Mosaic made at
I don't have a Flickr account anymore, so I will attempt to link all of the source of each of these images next.  Some are simply pictures, and some have tutorials.:
  1. Fly With Me by Rashida Coleman-Hale of I Heart Linen
  2. Big Quilt #1 (yellow) by Erin Wilson
  3. Blue Chair (no source, image found on Pinterest)
  4. Button Play by Juliana of jednoiglec
  5. Quilter's Palette by Rachel
  6. CHQ QAL quilt by Kristen (original Cherry House QAL here)
  7. Ingrid Press quilt posted by Brioni Greenberg of FlossyBlossy
  8. Banderitas by Vicky Murphy
  9. Log Cabin Star by Strawberrylicious
  10. Round Rainbow Log Cabin by Red Thread Quilter
  11. Kylee's Kite by Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day
  12. DQS13 by Petra
  13. Sea Breeze by Megan Bohr of Canoe Ridge Creations
  14. Scrap Map by See Kate Sew
  15. Fan Quilt Along by Color Girl Quilts
  16. Black and White with Rainbow (no source, image found on Pinterest)
I have been sitting with a knee injury.  When bored, I pin at Pinterest.  I have a bazillion quilts pinned in a dozen different quilting folders.  There's also lots of stritchery, art, Zentangles, food and wedding stuff (It's exactly TWO months until DD Meredith gets married!)  

So, WATCH OUT!  Don't hop to Pinterest unless you have time to swoon and drool, LOL! 

Partner, I put together this folder specifically for the IG Swap.  In a nutshell, I love low-volume, text fabric backgrounds, solid fabrics and other rainbow and bright colors, presented in a highly graphic or linear design.  I'm still crushing on the big clam shell quilts, anything with text prints and I do love me some improv too!

I am excited thinking about this swap process!


  1. Rosemary B here:
    hahaha Hi Teriblossom. I thought the wedding was already done and done.
    Whew. You will be glad when it is.
    I am glad you are doing great. What happened to your knee?
    I am exhausted all the time. Moving my parents and all of their crap and the movers and the house selling.
    It is a lot of work. But we are getting it done. I have no life other than that.
    I love you.

    1. Hey Razzleberry! I miss you so much sometimes... we used to be such good troublemakers! The wedding, ack! I has been in the works forEVer because of her summer job (running a Y-camp, which ends up being about all she does besides eat and sleep... she knew she should start early, so a lot was mostly done way early.) Here we are 1 1/2 months away... this will go fast and I am kinda glad.

      Hope things settle down for you soon... that older parent thing is as emotionally tiring as anything, I believe! Where are they now, close by? Sending you (((huggles!)))

    2. I forgot... the knee is meniscus injury... just not happy and had to rest... I was not playing tennis or anything good to get it. :P

  2. Well, this is a first. me leaving a comment on your blog, I;ll be checking out that pinterest folder for sure.

    1. First time for everything, eh? I have been contemplating keeping this little flame fanned... we will see, I might be over blogging (I started in the last century, you know!)

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